Instructions for SVT Focus - Getrag Shift Linkage Bushing

Getrag 6-Speed Shifter Linkage Bushing
2002-2004 Focus SVT/ST170

Preparation for Installation:

  1. Disassemble transmission shifter tower and inspect the bushing shaft and slide groove for damage. If there is any damage, do your best to smooth any raised sharp/rough edges, without removing any additional material.
  2. Degrease the shifter tower assembly as best possible.
  3. Test fit the new bushing into the slide groove, to ensure proper fit. The bushing should be a close fit and should be able to be moved back and forth in the groove with little effort.
  4. Install new bushing, and re-install assembly onto the transmission.
  5. If the shifter feels tight, the Delrin block may need slight fitment adjustment. Take a smooth file of 300-400 grit sandpaper and remove a small amount of material at a time, until the block fits properly.



  1. DO NOT use any grease or oils when installing this bushing, as it will promote collection of dust and dirt, which can shorten the life of the bushing. A dry graphite or dry Teflon based lubricant is permissible.
  2. This bushing is a wear item and will eventually wear out. The life of the bushing can be extended by periodically rotating the block ¼ turn.  If the block wears completely through one side, it can no longer be turned.


This item is a wear item and is not covered under warranty for normal wear and tear, or damage due to misuse, which may include, but is not limited to improper installation, motorsport activity, previously damaged transmission components, or over-adjustment of size for fitment.


For any concerns about the fitment or quality issues, please contact