6AN Conversion fittings for Power Steering Lines - Rack Side Only

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This kit allows you to use 6AN fittings with -6 AN high pressure hose.  You can now route your power steering lines away from all of the hot components in your engine bay, and look much more aesthetically pleasing in the process.  It also allows you to add additional coolers and/or filters to your system.

I chose steel for these fittings for a lot of reasons.  Steel is much more tolerant to abuse from tools, less likely to be damaged from over-tightening, and will hold up better to vibration, resulting in an overall tougher product.  This is important to me, because I know that the majority of people investing in a part like this, are racers, and will be constantly working on improving their car. This means that parts are installed and removed on a regular basis, and I know that my parts can take the abuse.  I also had the fittings black oxide coated to add additional wear resistance.


The high pressure side of the power steering system requires the use of high pressure power steering hose.  The most common hose is stainless braided PTFE lined hose, which has a burst pressure of 2500 psi.  There are also certain types of rubber hose that can handle the pressure, but i suggest the stainless hose.