Custom Machining and Fabrication

Here are some examples of one-off and custom jobs that I do on occasion.

Billet Aluminum Chess Set that I made when I was 12 years old, in our home machine shop.  This is still one of my proudest achievements, satellite parts be damned!



Here are some custom 3mm wheel spacers, with built in hub rings.  Made these for one of the Fiesta ST guys, and they came out great.


Here is a restoration and repair of a VF-Engineering Motor mount for the MK1 Focus.  I re-machined the hex head, making it deeper.  I also machined the face of the main mount plate, to get rid of all the pitting and corrosion.  Send me an email if you would like this service, so you can stop getting frustrated at that worn out hex head!


This was a custom requested bolt pattern re-drill.  It has both a 4x108, as well as a 4x100 bolt pattern drilled and threaded to M12-1.5.  This is so the guy can drive his Fiesta ST to the track on his stock wheels, and then just move his screw-in studs over to 4x100 for the race wheels!  I can do this service for anyone who would like it.